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Joan Fuster

sábado, 8 de novembro de 2014


Miss Thanatogenos está a ser cortejada por um poeta inglês residente na Califórnia, que, falhando-lhe a musa, lhe oferece poemas copiados de uma antologia como sendo dele. Aqui ela escreve para uma coluna de ajuda num jornal, em concreto para o guru Brahmin, anteriormente conhecido por tia Lydia (que não é mais do que um homem tuberculoso que usa whiskey como paliativo para os seus frequentes ataques de tosse), expressando as suas dúvidas sobre o cavalheiro:

Dear Guru Brahmin,

You may remember that I wrote to you in May last for your advice.


But I think I do have such feelings about another but he is not at all such an admirable character. First he is British and therefore in many ways quite Un-American. I do not mean just his accent and the way he eats but he is cynical at things which should be Sacred. I do not think he has any religion. Neither have I because I was progressive at College and had an unhappy upbringing as far as religion went and other things too, but I am ethical. (As this is confidential I may as well say my mother was alcoholic which perhaps makes me more sensitive and reserved than other girls.) He also has no idea of Citizenship or Social Conscience. (...) He is very distinguished-looking in an Un-American way and very amusing when he is not being irreverent. Take the Works of Art in Whispering Glades Memorial Park* he is often quite irreverent about them which I think an epitome of all that is finest in the American Way of Life. So what hope is there of true happiness?
Also he is not at all cultured. At first I thought he must be being a poet and he has been to Europe and seen the Art there but many of our greatest authors seem to mean nothing to him.
Sometimes he is very sweet and loving and then he suddenly becomes unethical and makes me feel unethical too. So I should value your advice very highly. Hoping that this long letter has not been too much,
Cordially yours,
Aimée Thanatogenos.

He has written a lot of poems to me some of them very beautiful and quite ethical others not so much.
The Loved One (1948), Evelyn Waugh

* Whispering Glades Memorial Park é o cemitério onde ela trabalha como maquilhadora de cadáveres.


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