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Joan Fuster

sexta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2011

Tão classe média

Numa carta a Evelyn Waugh de 18 de Agosto de 1946, Nancy Mitford narra, presumidamente como lhe fora descrito, os eventos que se seguem:
Romie was taken by Hamish to stay with her in Austria. After dinner the girls went off to Lulu's bedroom to have a hair brush talk & maybe a little more as Romie at that time was a roaring Liz. Presently in comes Palffy, says «this is just what I like, 2 pretty women. Get into bed girls, & we'll have a ménage à trois.» Romie had never heard of such a thing, was utterly appalled & flew to Hamish's room saying we must leave at once, now, I can't stay here another moment.

Hamish crossly told her not to be so middle class


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