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Joan Fuster

quinta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2010

20 homens lavados

Escrito em 1836 por Charles Dickens, The Pickwick papers contém este diálogo entre um candidato ao parlamento — o Honorável Samuel Slumkey — e o equivalente a um director de campanha — Mr Perker. Ontem como hoje:
«Is everything ready?» said the Honourable Samuel Slumkey to Mr Perker.

«Everything, my dear sir,» was the little man's reply.

«Nothing has been omitted, I hope?» said the Honourable Samuel Slumkey.

«Nothing has been left undone, my dear sir — nothing whatever. There are twenty washed men at the street door for you to shake hands with; and six children in arms that you're to pat on the head, and inquire the age of; be particular about the children, my dear sir — it has always a great effect, that sort of thing.»

«I'll take care,» said the Honourable Samuel Slumkey.

«And, perhaps, my dear sir,» said the cautious little man, «perhaps if you could — I don't mean to say it's indispensable — but if you could manage to kiss one of 'em, it would produce a very great impression on the crowd.»

«Wouldn't it have as good an effect if the proposer or seconder did that?» said the Honourable Samuel Slumkey.

«Why, I am afraid it wouldn't,» replied the agent; «if it were done by yourself, my dear sir, I think it would make you very popular.»

«Very well,» said the Honourable Samuel Slumkey, with a resigned air, «then it must be done. That's all.»


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