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Joan Fuster

quarta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2010

I'm here to entertain you

John Dowie (c. 1982-83)

I'm here to entertain you
with songs about depression,
misery, despair,
and bestial obsession.

I hope to make you happy
by looking on the black side,
'cause I find life as funny
as cancer up the backside.

My lover was a midget,
she gave birth to a tumour.
Grandad always told me:
«Don't lose your sense of humour»

Daddy was a leper,
mommy is a psycho,
my brother is a hunchback,
my sister works in Tesco.

Nuclear oblivion
is just around the corner.
The human race is riddled
with fear and paranoia.

The world is run by madmen,
they want to hurt and maim you.
And while we're on the subject,
I'm here to entertain you.


© SEM GANAS 2010